Wire Harness

Printed Circuit Boards, Wire Harnesses, Custom Enclosures, Displays, Keypads,  & More

At LESC, we provide a vast array of electronic and fabricated products, including power units, printed circuit boards, wire harnesses, custom enclosures, and many other electronic components to small and medium-sized volume clients. When it comes to mechanical design and assembly, no other company can help you better achieve the results you require. Let us be your one-stop source for electronic and specialty fabricated products.

Specialty Items

Get the products you want, tested to your specifications, before you buy. We also package anything to your stipulations. Everything we sell, from PCBs to custom enclosures, is turnkey and ready to operate with no assembly required.

Wire Harness

Wire Harness for Vehicles or Home Electronics

Printed Circuit Boards, Farmington Hills, MI

Printed Circuit Boards

Fully-Assembled Printed Circuit Boards, Farmington Hills, MI

Fully Assembled Printed Circuit Boards

Power Supply

Various Power Supplies


Enclosures in Various Sizes

Custom Electronic Components

When you are looking for custom-built wire harnesses, intricately designed PCBs, or other electronic assemblies, LESC can fabricate and assemble just what you need. Our design team will work with you to develop the components you require for your industrial or manufacturing needs. This includes choosing the right parts for your circuit boards to ensure that they are built to your expectations and our own high-quality standards.

Additionally, after designing and building the fabricated electronics you requested, our team will take care of testing the components to make sure that the parts work properly. If there are any problems found during the testing phase, our technical engineers will handle correcting the errors. This way, you know that your harnesses and boards are ready for use in your industrial applications and that they will last for many years.

Trusted Supplier

At our company, we believe in always delivering top quality products and services for complete customer satisfaction. We strive to ensure that our components exceed your quality expectations while meeting all your manufacturing or other industrial needs. So when you need custom wiring, PCBs, or other components assembled, reach out to our experienced electronic supply company. We are always ready to help fulfill your needs for custom-built electronic parts and components.

Contact us when you need custom electronic components built for your industrial processes. We proudly serve customers nationwide.